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5 Types of Bedroom Shelving

Bedroom shelving is a great way to display your favorite things without taking up valuable wall space. Wide shelves that span the entire width of the wall can hold everything from picture frames to smaller objects. In addition to saving space, bedroom shelving can also be very flexible when it comes to rearranging your wall display. While artwork that is fixed to the wall cannot be moved, shelving can be easily moved and reconfigured.

Built-in shelving

Whether you’re adding more storage in a bedroom or just want to create a more stylish look, built-in bedroom shelving offers many benefits. Not only do they provide a sleek, modern look, but they also save wall space.

Floating shelves

When designing your bedroom, you should consider how you want the shelves to fit into the room. One of the best ways to do this is to incorporate the design elements that you use throughout the rest of the room. For example, you could use colors from your floor rugs, bedding, or colored flowers in your shelves.

Freestanding shelves

Freestanding shelves for the bedroom can be an ideal solution for small spaces. They can add extra storage to the bedroom while still providing a decorative touch. They can be placed on either side of the bed and are the ideal place to place books and other items. You can even place an alarm clock or water bottle on them. Aside from being useful, they can save space. You can also opt for hanging shelving that covers the entire wall.

Picture ledges

Whether you’re trying to maximize wall space in a small bedroom, or just want to decorate your wall space with a personal touch, picture ledges are an excellent option. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and wood finishes to suit any room’s décor. A small ledge can fill an empty space and show off small photos, while a larger one can hold larger items. Picture ledges can also be grouped together to create a collage on the wall.

Floating nightstands

Floating nightstands for bedroom shelving can be a wonderful space-saver, as well as being great places to display your favorite decorations. They come pre-assembled and ready to mount. They can even be adjusted to the perfect height. Moreover, they are made from powder-coated metal, which makes them durable.

Multi-tier shelf units

Bedroom shelving units can come in several different styles and designs. Some are modular, while others are freestanding. Both styles will add storage and give you a clean overview of your room’s contents.


Bedroom shelving can be a great way to utilize alcoves in the room. A well-designed alcove can accommodate various storage options, including shelving for a TV and a bookcase. You can also choose to go for an open shelving design to add a little extra display.