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Securing Your Home – Top Home Security Measures to Consider

Home security is of the utmost importance for many homeowners. Protecting family, pets, and valuable possessions requires ongoing work; but there are ways you can increase home security without spending a fortune.

One of the most effective measures are deterrents like lights and cameras as well as multilayered protection to make it harder for burglars to break in your home.

  1. Install a Security System

Security systems provide real-time protection, notifying residents of any attempted unauthorised entry through door and window sensors and glass break detectors. Some systems include alarms that can be activated via an app, website or key fob.

An effective security setup serves as a powerful deterrent against criminals while simultaneously improving police response times, giving both homeowners and renters peace of mind.

  1. Lock Your Doors

Locking your doors when leaving the house should be second nature; even for short trips out the door such as running errands is crucial if you want to ensure its security. Intruders could gain entry through any unlocked window or door.

Apartment dwellers were most diligent about locking their doors, followed by homeowners living in townhouses or single-family homes; mobile home owners were the least committed in locking them securely.

  1. Install a Deadbolt

Deadbolts can provide an effective deterrent against burglars and help make your home safer. Their more resistant to forced entry than standard door knob locks require greater force to break open than their counterparts do, giving your family peace of mind that their safety will not be compromised by an intruder.

Install a deadbolt that matches your door for maximum security, and inspect regularly for wear-and-tear signs.

  1. Install Alarms

Installing alarms is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to deter burglars, while also deterring unwanted guests and providing added protection when residents are away from home.

Other home security measures include covering product labels with black tape or hiding the names from packages left at the curb and locking sheds and gates. Furthermore, homeowners insurance providers provide discounts for homes equipped with monitored security systems.

  1. Install a Surveillance System

Home security systems, like HVAC and electrical systems, are an essential element in maintaining your home. A home security system comprises both hardware and personal practices; for example locking the doors at night and keeping spare keys out of sight while periodically changing your alarm code are some key examples of these.

Renters should opt for wireless systems over ones using landlines (which can be cut), and purchase “imitation” security signs and stickers as an added deterrent.

  1. Install a Garage Door

Burglars target garages that store valuable tools, power equipment and cars as prime targets of burglary. Hiding valuable items out of sight helps deter them while using a safe for jewelry or cash storage may provide extra protection from burglary.

Homeowners can increase security by reinforcing door frames and selecting strong locks, as well as investing in smart lighting solutions that enable schedule-based illumination of their garage and simulate occupancy when away.

  1. Install a Window Lock

Even the most elaborate home security alarm system may fail to deter burglars if your windows are left vulnerable to entry. Window locks are affordable, straightforward installations that protect both children from falling out or unwanted intruders from entering.

Thieves may move onto another target if they can’t see into your home and identify items worth taking, so invest in attractive window bars that protect both you and your family from theft.

  1. Install a Door Knob

Door knobs can play an important role in improving security. While interior doorknobs typically use cheaper dummy or passage locksets to save money, exterior ones should use keyed entry locks with keys for entry purposes.

Consider purchasing bump-proof locks that resist common break-in techniques like lock picking and cylinder manipulation to lower home insurance premiums by discouraging burglaries and decreasing theft claims. These can help deter burglaries as well as reduce theft claims.

  1. Install a Deadbolt

A deadbolt is a heavy duty bolt that extends from a door into its frame and makes it harder for thieves to break in to homes. A single cylinder deadbolt is generally considered the optimal option for homeowners.

While other security solutions can rack up large bills, installing a deadbolt may offer peace of mind for a relatively smaller one-off investment. Unfortunately, however, improper installation could compromise its effectiveness and hinder its efficacy.

  1. Install a Gate

Burglaries are more frequent than you might realize, often occurring when unoccupied homes appear uninhabited to burglars.2 Burglars use opportunity as their advantage and target these vulnerable properties for burglaries.

Deterring thieves by displaying signs that announce your home has security can be done quickly and effectively by placing these stickers and signs around your property. They serve as an early warning system against criminals entering.